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Numerology 2017

Number 1

Opportunities : A fine year to be blessed with good luck and awesome financial breaks! Be prepared to take things in your stride, as new possibilities would spring up at work, demanding greater focus on work. Make sure to enhance your communication skills, as greater avenues open up in creative fields during mid year. A much-awaited chance to head a project or an endeavour is on the cards! Financial stability will be achieved comfortably later in the year. The employed will be rewarded with promotion or a salary hike. Those in sales and marketing will find ample gains coming their way. Valuable contacts and influential connections will prove to be a blessing in career matters. Cordial teamwork will bring rich dividends later. Initiate innovative plans and new ventures after mid-year to achieve favourable results. Unexpected gains or a sudden windfall can tilt the financial scales in your favour. Financial benefits and extra gains would pour in towards the last quarter of the year. Students will do exceptionally well, due to their hard work. Trips and business travel will be hectic, but fun. Dreams will be realized unexpectedly towards the year-end.

Love : The eligible will find their soul-mates unexpectedly. A casual acquaintance can turn into a meaningful relationship. The young will find time for light-hearted fun and romance, during the first half of the year. Married couples will decide to overcome their minor squabbles and deepen their relationship. Family expansions and auspicious events are foreseen later in the year.

Hindrances : Re-align your goals and set your priorities straight to combat unexpected setbacks. Business can be delayed, due to lack of paperwork. Get rid of outdated ideas and outgrown life style that hinder your progress. Seek wise counsel, before entering into major financial deals. Professionally, be prepared to handle more power and sever some ties in the process. Unexpected changes and unforeseen events can cause a financial crunch. Progress will be very slow in the beginning, but will gradually speed up after mid-year. Be wary of misunderstandings in partnerships and joint ventures. Take stock of your financial budget and curb your buying sprees before they burn a hole in your pocket. Be bold enough to set your goals high to achieve them by the year end.

Family : Personally, emotions can be taken for a ride, during the initial months of the year. Be prepared to have a vent for it before they snap. Be discreet about your affairs and do not let outside influences create a havoc in your personal ties. Pressure in the family atmosphere will ease off towards the year-end. Property matters and legal issues should be dealt with careful forethought.

Health : Good health will prevail throughout the year. Be cautious against ill health, due to excessive stress and exhaustion. Follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly to overcome ailments. Chronic health problems will need expert advice. Spare some time for introspection and spiritual pursuits for mental pace.

Significant Months : January, February, March, July, September, October, November, December.

Compatible Sun Signs : People born under the signs of Aquarius, Aries and Leo or on the following dates 1, 4, 9 , 10 , 13, 18, 19, 22 and 28 , will feature more prominently in your life this year.

Fortune Guidance : Don't keep waiting for the right moment - Create it ! Just enjoy the journey and learn as you go along! Let your pride take a back seat! Simple things become complicated, when you expect too much!

Cosmo Tip : Keep an Iron Pyrite Crystal with some coins in the Southeast direction of your home, to attract abundance.

Number 2

Opportunities : It is time to widen your horizons bringing unbelievable recognition and rewards. Monetary gains will pour in from different sources. New ventures and overseas collaboration will be favourably initiated after midyear. Those in media and technology can look forward to tremendous progress this year. Sincere efforts and dedication will bring in desired results later in the year. The job-seekers will get lucrative offers from overseas. Financial prospects look brighter after midyear. Money from additional sources will open new avenues to invest in long term goals. Calculated risks will pay off, but do not expect miracles. Positive changes in the career matters are foreseen towards the year-end. Lots of social activities will help to pursue your hobbies with passion. Students pursuing higher studies or research will attain success, after hard work. An unexpected legacy or inheritance is on the way!

Love : Those into serious love relationships will finally tie the knot this year. The singles will find their true love unexpectedly. The chances of reappearance of an old flame will pose a difficult choice. Take time to choose! Married people will find their renewed trust and love in their relationship and will celebrate happy occasions by the year-end.

Hindrances : Quick unforeseen developments are foreseen in the professional field. Delays and inevitable barriers will slow down the ongoing work. Take time out to ponder and review all career decisions during the first quarter of the year. Avoid lending or borrowing, as income will be rather slow before mid-year. Try to diversify your savings and investments, towards long- term benefits. Maintain a tab on your expenses and avoid the temptation to splurge. Frustrating setbacks can delay the work and business-related travel. Verify all the details, before entering into any major financial deals. Keep your plans secret and postpone all important decisions till the year-end. Take care of your important documents while on the go. The sun finally will shine on all your endeavors by the year-end.

Family : Erratic moods and misunderstandings will test your patience. Surprising events will surface, forcing you to re-assess your close ties. Family harmony will be restored, after making unwanted sacrifices and adjustments and towards the year-end.

Health : Excessive work-load followed by stress can bring down your energy levels. Pay attention to minor ailments and joint pains, around mid-year. Avoid overindulgence and follow a strict health regime. Alternative therapies will provide solutions for persistent ailments. Health of an elder can cause some concern.

Significant Months : February, March, April, June, August, September, November and December.

Compatible Sun Signs : People born under the signs of Cancer, Libra, and Taurus or on the following dates 2, 6, 7, 11, 15, 20, 24, 25, or 29 , will feature very prominently in your life, this year.

Fortune Guidance : Do not bite off more than you can chew! To see the big picture, you need the right lens! Act upon your dreams and make them come true! Follow your heart and don’t be afraid to be spontaneous!!

Cosmo Tip : eep 12 stalks of Bamboo plant in your office\home, to invite powerful blessings and abundance from the universe.

Number 3

Opportunities : Optimism sets the pace for the fabulous year ahead. Look forward to a time of professional growth and spectacular changes in every sphere. Past hurdles in work would disappear, as your career surges ahead. Favorable offers for the employed are foreseen, after mid-year. Those in marketing and technical fields will have immense scope for rapid growth. Independent ventures will now be initiated and implemented favorably. Your economic fortunes would start to swell, as your savings increase. Business expansions and overseas deals will prove to be profitable in the long run. Make sure to resolve old debts and loans promptly. Your unconventional approach and creative abilities will be well received and supported. Opportunities to work away from home and follow new endeavors will set off a trail of fresh opportunities. It is time to pursue your hobbies and turn them into profitable business. Those in media and communications will have ample progress and gains. Those aspiring for jobs will have great opportunities to hone their skills. Students pursuing formal studies can count on their recognition this year. Increase in social circle or an emigration is on cards. Humanitarian and charitable pursuits will be very engaging. Expect a legacy towards the last quarter of the year!

Love : Fun and romance awaits the singles in unexpected places. In matters of love, decisions will now be made with much clarity. The married will iron out their mutual differences and share a loving rapport with their partner. The eligible will finally tie the knot, towards the last quarter of the year.

Hindrances : Expect a mixed period of confusion and clarity. Be prepared for more pronounced and intense changes in many areas of life. Economic fluctuations during the initial months can throw many plans off gear. Misunderstandings in joint ventures and partnerships can widen the rift. Take professional advice and be cautious in all financial transactions. Financial constraints will ease towards the year-end. Financial growth will be slow, but steady. Try to maintain a diplomatic approach with key individuals. Take a pragmatic approach in all financial matters. Beware of malicious gossip and avoid getting embroiled in office politics . Difficulties and delays fade out towards the year-end.

Family : Unresolved domestic issues will surface, needing final closures in many matters. Arguments over property and family possessions will arise in a dramatic manner. Hang on to your loved ones for strength and support. Open communication and patience will help to sort out the issues towards the year-end.

Health : Look out for minor ailments and stomachrelated problems. Avoid straining yourself beyond your flexible levels. Keep a tab on your health and take adequate rest to overcome fatigue.

Significant Months : January, February, March, April, June, August, September, October, November and December.

Compatible Sun Signs : Folks born under the signs of Libra and Pisces or those whose birth dates add up to 3, 6 or 9, will feature significantly in your life this year.

Fortune Guidance : Keep your sails up and be spontaneous! Don’t raise your voice; Improve your argument. Do something different - but avoid exceeding limits!

Cosmo Tip : Keep the windows of your home/office clean, to gain clarity and vision in your work.

Number 4

Opportunities : Important contracts will be signed and new ventures will be undertaken, after mid-year. Unexpected financial help will ensure rapid growth on the career-front. Finances will enjoy a breath of new life this year. Pending or shelved projects will now be initiated with great zeal. Calculated risks will pay off, but avoid questionable and risky deals. Wind up old work, before starting anything new. Monetary gains will pour in from unexpected sources. Greater recognition and increased prosperity is foreseen towards the yearend. The employed can look forward to rewards and promotions in the last quarter of the year. Those in research and developments will find bright opportunities to forge ahead. Overseas dealing and business expansions will gradually reach new heights after midyear. Advice and support from senior will be available at hand. Official tours and overseas travel will prove too beneficial. Dreams would come true towards the year-end with your renewed charm and charisma.

Love : Casual love affairs and flings will come to an end this year. The singles will finally attract their true love through unexpected encounters. Those committed will take their romantic relationship to the next level and tie the knot towards the year-end. Tensions in the married life will melt away, due to mutual efforts and care.

Hindrances : Be prepared for many unexpected changes and chaotic developments this year. It’s time to get down to basics and build a strong foundation in every sphere. Keep a careful watch over your money, as a financial crunch is foreseen during first half of the year. Monetary growth will be achieved gradually towards the year-end. Ensure that your hasty and impulsive decisions do not re-bound on you. Pay attention to all the events that transpire before midyear and be prepared to make necessary adjustments in your work. Trust your intuition while making all important decisions and financial deals. Hold on to your finances, as unexpected expenses can tilt your boat. Difficulties and obstacles will be overcome successfully towards the year-end.

Family : Personal relations and family issues will go through upheavals and stressful moments. Take time out to give proper attention and commitment to those you care. Shocking secrets would suddenly come to light, demanding action. Do not force issues; instead be prepared to make sudden decisions within the family to maintain peace. Depend on a trusted advice, when faced with a dilemma. Go slow on minor melt downs and think twice, before delivering any ultimatums.

Health : Health will be fine, except for a few minor ailments. Do not let stress become your worst enemy. Chronic health issues will need extra precautions followed by expert advice.

Significant Months : January, March April, June, July, August , September, October, December.

Compatible Sun Signs : Folks born under the sign of Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius or those whose birth dates add up to 1, 4, 5 or 7, will feature more prominently in your life this year!

Fortune Guidance : Great things never come from comfort zones! Realize the mistakes, before letting your self esteem gets in the way. Remember that sometimes you get the best light from burning a bridge!!

Cosmo Tip : Keep the front-entry of your office\home well illuminated, to invite luck and prosperity inside.

Number 5

Opportunities : The first half of the year will be a good time for those seeking job changes. Progress will be slow in the beginning, but will gradually increase after midyear. Keep up the hard work and determination, as rewards and promotions are sure to follow. Longpending projects will now get the approval for execution. Excellent rapport with your seniors will ensure smoother success ahead. Finish all pending work, before initiating anything new. In business, new strategies will be worked out to improve profits and productivity. A hobby or a passion will turn out to be very lucrative and engaging. Expansions in marketing and trade will bring beneficial results after mid-year. Fresh breakthroughs in negotiations and overseas communications will bring beneficial results. Concentrate on initiating plans and merging with larger groups, to improve career prospects. Re-modeling or beautification of home and surroundings will occupy your time.

Love : The singles will have many fulfilled romantic encounters, among the social circle. Un-rewarding relationships will finally part ways. The eligible will find their passion re-igniting with an old flame. The year-end would usher in celebration of happy events and auspicious functions.

Hindrances : This year would bring in many unexpected changes, cautioning a slowdown in all the career matters. Double check all the credentials, before entering into any major deals. Partnerships and joint resources will need careful planning and handling. Debts and loans incurred in the past will be paid off. Avoid taking hasty and impulsive decisions as the financial crunch is only periodic. Minor delays and setbacks will put some running ventures on hold. Avoid getting dragged into arguments or taking sides in the work-area. Remain flexible and do not go overboard with your expenses. Stay clear of doubtful speculations and conmen in your work area. Financial stability will gradually set in, after mid-year. Spiritual and charitable pursuits will bring peace. Remain updated, as travel plans can backfire.

Family : Differences of opinion and extreme emotional outbursts will create many ripples in the family matters. Property and legal matters will need a cautious and deft handling. Do not let outside influences mar your inner peace. The second half of the year brings respite from domestic problems gradually . Be prepared for an unexpected family expense around mid-year.

Health : Be careful of minor injuries and accidents around you. Nagging health ailments due to stress and anxiety can be cured by alternative therapies. Take special care of your diet and avoid over excretion.

Significant Months : January, February, March, April, May , July, September, October and November.

Compatible Sun Signs : Folks born under the sign of , Gemini, Taurus, and Libra or those whose birth dates add up to 2, 5,or 6 , will feature more prominently in your life this year!

Fortune Guidance : Keep up the faith and do not try to cut corners. Learn to steam off in small bursts. Don’t trust what you see; even Salt looks like Sugar!

Cosmo Tip : Display a Green Aventurine Tortoise in the North section of your home/office, to enhance career, wealth and luck.

Number 6

Opportunities : Success will be achieved by the dint of your sincere efforts and hard work. Make sure to initiate plans for new ventures with cooperating team on hand. Cordial relations with peers and authorities will attract appreciation and support. Consider all money issues minutely before venturing into anything new. Good news regarding a bonus or an unexpected promotion is around the corner! Substantial gains through overseas contacts is foreseen after mid-year. Networking and communications will open new avenues of work in your career. Brisk business and financial growth is foreseen towards the year end. Trips and business-related travel will prove to be beneficial. Keep a tab on your personal belongings, while on the go. Academics and research will need extra focus and hard work to succeed. A cherished dream project will be launched towards the year-end, solidifying your position and reputation. Winning a lottery or a sudden windfall is on the cards. Changing your career or renovations in your surroundings will take up most of your time.

Love : Cupid's love would strike the youngsters around mid-year. A chance encounter will prove to be a blessing in disguise. Romantic getaways and fun-filled outings are foreseen towards the last quarter of the year. Wedding bells will ring for the eligible by the year end. The married couples will celebrate the arrival of a new born in their family. Auspicious family functions will spread cheer and happiness towards the year-end.

Hindrances : Brace yourself to make some major adjustments and compromises in every sphere of life. Curb wasteful expenditure and steer clear of making any big investments this year. Aim for the middle ground in the work area, in order to be most productive this year. Update all your important papers to avoid hassles later. Joint finances will be affected, due to separation and changes in priorities. Be wary of risky speculations and secret liaisons. Safeguard your work and reputation from malicious mischief. Element of uncertainty and difficulties will vanish towards the year end.

Health : Unwanted stress and depression can cause energy levels to deplete. Avoid burning candles from both the sides. Keep your anxiety in check, by taking part in recreational activities. Take expert medical advise to cure your stomach-related problems.

Significant Months : Jan, Feb, March, April, June, July, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec

Compatible Sun Signs : Folks born under the signs of Cancer, Libra, and Taurus or those whose birth dates add up to 6, 3, or 2 , will feature more prominently in your life in this year.

Fortune Guidance : Do not let the ghosts of your past ruin your beautiful future. Be discreet and play your cards well. Avoid sweeping things under the rug and take things head on.

Cosmo Tip : Keep Sunflowers in the Northwest corner of your home, to be lucky in relationships.

Number 7

Opportunities : Previous hard work will now bring monetary benefits. A hobby can turn into a profitable venture during this phase. Creative arts and skillful talents will have good earning potential. Arrival of money from an unexpected source will suddenly solve a crisis at hand! Rewards and recognition are sure to follow, towards the year-end. Monetary gains will pour in unexpectedly from new sources, around mid-year. Learning new techniques and setting priorities will prove to be beneficial in the long run. Financial status will start improving, after midyear. Examinations and interviews will be successful, only through hard work. Travel-time kicks into gear this year, as intrepid journeys could lead through foreign lands and distant places. Wishes and desires will be fulfilled unexpectedly at the last moment.

Love : The singles will find many dreamy romantic opportunities lighting up this year. The eligible will meet their ideal life-partner, from unusually striking backgrounds. An unexpected casual encounter will find renewed sense of fidelity and trust towards the year-end.

Hindrances : Curb your rash and impulsive attitude, by pouring extra creative energy into more constructive channels. Make sure to spend more on personal security and less on frivolous things. Partnerships and joint ventures will meet some obstructions. Progress will be slow initially, but will gradually speed up after mid-year. Do not let your self-indulgences make a big hole in your purse. Be wary of deception and theft of ideas in the work area. Keep your plans a secret and trust your instincts in all sensitive matters. Re-think any previous decisions and make necessary improvements to attain your goals.

Family : Feelings and personal ties will be very turbulent this year. Unexpected family expenses can tilt the balance. Long-standing nagging issues will free all those skeletons that have been rattling in the closet. Speak out your differences, without treading on others shoes. Personal matters would get resolved amicably towards the year-end.

Health : Ailments due to over excretion and anxiety can be troublesome. Stick to high fiber and natural diet to regain vitality. Aroma-therapy and alternative treatments will prove to be beneficial. Exercise well and give up over indulgence to recover faster.

Significant Months : February, March , April, June, July, August, September, October and December.

Compatible Sun Signs : Folks born under the signs of Pisces and Cancer or those whose birth dates add up to 2,4 or 7, will feature more prominently in your life this year.

Fortune Guidance : Do not rest on your laurels! Make sure to stay afloat, when the storm strikes. Let go off the past and move on! Remember to put a lid on your desires and fantasies.

Cosmo Tip : Place a Citrine cluster in your office\home, to invite Money Flow, Luck and Abundance

Number 8

Opportunities : Give your big wishes and desires a new leash this year! Your innovative ideas will earn the appreciation of your peers and superiors. Opportunities, along with financial gains, are in store for independent entrepreneurs. Career matters will see tangible results for your past efforts. Profitable projects will take time to complete. Success and financial growth will be slow, but steady. Business expansions will be favorable after mid-year. Those tasks put in the back burner will now see the light of the day. The employed will receive increase in salary with additional perks. Stick to the traditional methods to achieve your goals. Maintain transparency and be honest in all your professional dealings. Short trips and pilgrimages will prove to be gratifying. Sudden financial gains through inheritance or a windfall is on the cards! Better opportunities await for those in media and management. Property matters will need serious consideration.

Love : Ironically, Love-life will take a back-seat till mid-year. Youngsters will find a casual romance, through their social circle. The eligible will get married towards the year-end. The married will happily celebrate the arrival of a new born. Social life would bring in healthy contacts this year.

Hindrances : It's time to be accommodating and accept the big changes in every sphere. Litigations and property issues can prove to be cumbersome. Go slow in your financial investments and delve on introspection for a solution. Precision and accuracy will help to achieve the targets towards the yearend. A sudden major expense can burn a hole in your pocket. Focus on wise financial planning and practice discretion to combat sudden setbacks. Frequent changes and unexpected upheavals will need drastic revision of plans. Delays and setbacks will be dealt effectively, with smart decisions towards the year-end.

Family : Home and family life will go through emotional upheavals. Split in joint resources or within the family is imminent. Property and financial matters will require foremost consideration. A sudden twist of events will force you to take some tough decisions, regarding family issues. Old nagging matters will finally get resolved towards the year-end. Elderly folks in the family will demand extra time and attention.

Health : Prevention and care will be needed to maintain good health this year. Take care of your spine and nerve-related problems, with proper treatment and exercise. A healthy and a balanced diet will help to keep the ailments at bay.

Significant Months : January, March, April, June, July , August, October, November and December.

Compatible Sun Signs : Folks born under the signs of Capricorn and Libra or those whose birth dates add up to 8, 6, or 3, will feature more prominently in your life this year.

Fortune Guidance : Step out of your comfort zone! Keep the faith; sometimes a wrong turn can bring you to the right place! Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear!

Cosmo Tip : Keep an image of a Golden Infinity symbol in your home/office, to attract infinite abundance.

Number 9

Opportunities : Be ready to pounce on the various opportunities available at hand. Grand plans embarked upon now will yield expected returns later. International tie-ups and business expansions are favoured after mid-year. Those with artistic tendencies will be blessed with name and fame. Rapport with skilled individuals will help to climb the corporate ladder faster. The last quarter of the year would bring lucky financial breaks and an unexpected windfall. A passion or a hobby can turn into a money making venture. Those pursuing science and technology will do remarkably well. Home renovation or relocation is on the cards. Overall success is assured in work towards the year-end. Finding time for hobbies and leisure activities will be very refreshing. Hopes and wishes will be realized by the year-end, for a successful future.

Love : A tender romance is foreseen for the fancyfree that would get strengthened with time. The singles will find their match this year. The married couples will be able to tide over their squabbles with a sensible approach by the year-end.

Hindrances : Get rid of all the outdated modes and plan ahead methodically, to reach closer to your goals. Stay clear of disagreements and confrontations with your superiors and colleagues.. Take time to cool down, before investing your money. Look up to wise council in times of need and be prepared for unwanted delays and troubles in your professional career. Reviewing and pre-planning will help to overcome financial problems in a smoother way. Stall important decisions for a later date. Avoid lending and borrowing money at all costs and be wary of rifts in partnership and joint ventures. Keeping a firm check on your competitors and secret rivals will help to gain victory in all your endeavors.

Family : Personal relationships will undergo a lot of changes and emotional upheavals. Troubles will brew up at home due to misunderstandings over money matters. Close friends and family can let you down. Avoid placing your trust in others, regarding sensitive issues. Many disputed domestic matters will finally get resolved this year with final closures. Many painful endings and new bonding of relationships are at hand.

Health : Your health can buckle down under stress and work pressure. Take very good care of yourself and avoid any kind of negligence. Follow a new health regime to keep the ailments at bay. Chronic ailments will require a visit to a specialist.

Significant Months : January, February, May, June, Jul, August, September, October, November and December.

Compatible Sun Signs : Folks born under the signs of Scorpio, Leo and Aries or those whose birth dates add up to 9, 3, or 1 , will feature more prominently in your life.

Fortune Guidance : Stay firm on the ground and aim for the sky. Do not expect instant miracles and turnouts. Be selective in your battles, for sometimes, peace is better than being right! When the going gets tough, adjust the sails!

Cosmo Tip : Wear Kyanite Crystal pendant or a bracelet, to release stagnant energy and release blockages in your career sector.

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FAQ's :-

A) What is the Tarot?
Ans. Tarot cards are pictorial representations of events and energies that we are likely to encounter in life. Tarot decks normally contain 78 cards, 22 of which are referred to as the Major Arcana and depict the major changes on our path through life. The remaining 56 cards, known as the Minor Arcana, expand on these themes. The tarot can be used as a divining tool by reading cards that are selected unseen from a deck, and interpreting the interaction of the cards and their positions in a spread (specific layout), with reference to issues of importance in your life. 

B) Who should enroll to the Guiding Auras Certified Tarot course?
Ans. The Guiding Auras Certified Tarot Courses have various levels that cater to people with no previous experience of the Tarot, and want to acquire knowledge about this fascinating subject and for people who have the knowledge of Tarot, The Certified Professional Tarot Course will help them to sharpen their tarot skills and help them to take the leap into becoming a professional Tarot reader, enabling you to create a successful and fulfilling business. 

C) Do I need psychic abilities to be able to read the Tarot and learn the cards?
Ans. We all have psychic ability … the ability to know something, or sense something, without any logical reason for this knowing. The psychic ability is a result of fine tuning our five basic senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch), and opening our hearts to messages from Spirit. We are given these abilities so that we can understand ourselves, the issues that we are facing, the options that are before us, and the path that our life is to take. With The Guiding Auras Tarot Course we help you to develop and hone your intuition and psychic abilities. 

D) How long the course will take?
Ans. The Guiding Auras Certified Tarot Course is divided in 3 levels with different time durations. The Tarot Course durations are specifically designed according to the student’s aptitude. 

E) Is it an in-depth course?
Ans. The Guiding Auras Certified Tarot Courses course covers an extensive range of subjects from mythology, symbolism, Astrology and Numerology. We will walk you through step-by-step, how to do a Tarot reading, including asking the right questions, choosing the perfect spread, weaving the story into the cards and connecting deeply with your clients (or yourself) through Tarot. 

F) Will I be a professional Tarot reader after finishing the course?
Ans. One is considered a professional Tarot reader after years of experience. Our advice is to practice as often as you can to refine your skills and develop your intuition! This course is a solid foundation to help you to undertake the professional route. In the Guiding Auras Master Tarot Course you will learn to read Tarot for others, give difficult messages, deal with challenging clients and create your own code of ethics and set personal boundaries that honor both your needs and your clients’. 

G) I just want to know the cards and read for my friends, is this course suitable for me?
Ans. The Tarot goes well beyond the fortune telling aspect as the Guiding Auras Tarot Courses are also a tool for self-development. At the end of the course, you will be able to read from simple layouts to more advanced layouts and provide help for yourself, friends and family. 

H) Can I use any Tarot pack for this course?
Ans. With The Guiding Auras Tarot Course we provide the Tarot Deck along with the course. The deck is simple to understand and you will be able to grasp the Major and Minor Arcana meanings with more clarity, as the emphasis is on the symbolism and mythology rather than on the artistic or aesthetic aspect of the cards. Once you understand and are able to read the tarot cards, you can choose any deck you prefer. 

I) How often can I contact you for help?
Ans. For students studying the Guiding Auras Certified Tarot Course, you can contact us for guidance when needed. 

J) What will happen if I cannot get on with the course?
Ans. You can explain your difficulties and we will give the needed guidance along with few more exercises. The enrolment fee will not be reimbursed, nor will the fees for the levels. 

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